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Love… your way

Updated: May 11, 2022

love | lʌv | noun [mass noun ] 1 an intense feeling of deep affection: With Valentines Day recently, I find myself sitting with a coffee in the early hours, watching the sun come up and thinking about ‘Love’. Traditionally, Valentines Day heralded an opportunity for the sending of tokens of love - often anonymously . Somewhere between high school and now, between the purity of an anonymous love note passed across the classroom, through marriage and into divorce, I think that we’ve lost a little bit of the sense of what it means to celebrate ‘Love’. We’re all agreed that the world has been a bit shite over the last 2 years (ok so maybe a lot - and no, I’m not going to mention the dreaded C word). We’ve spent a lot of time in isolation and separated from loved ones. We’re all fatigued. We’ve also all had time to think about what really matters in the bigger picture. Love is a beautiful thing. It holds us together. It also comes in many forms. - not just in a romantic sense. There’s love for family, love for fur babies, the love of friendship…. Not only does it come in different forms, but we show it in different ways. A love token doesn’t need to be all love hearts and roses… Perhaps it’s a card that says “I really fucking love you”, or maybe it’s a tea cup set that says “love you” “Ditto”… Perhaps you’re sending it to your romantic partner, your plutonic life partner or perhaps even to your bestie… Perhaps you’ll be attending a wedding this weekend and need a card … we’ve got you covered for cards with bio-degradable glitter for the earth conscious, to celebrate Mrs & Mrs or Mr & Mr… Whatever your way is, we’ll help you rock it. Share a little love - after all, isn’t it love that makes the world go round… Jx


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